World Solar Challenge: Day 6, morning

Here are the World Solar Challenge GPS positions as at 09:05 Friday October 23 (Darwin time) – Day 6 of the race. Eight teams have now arrived in Adelaide, with Team arrow just in, and the teams shown on the map are on their way. About 11 hours of racing are left today and tomorrow morning.

Calculated road distances below are approximate, based on interpolation between the known road distances to control stops. The second road distance shown (in grey) is adjusted to compensate for GPS delays. See the tracker page, timing board, and social media for continued updates.

5 EAFIT Colombia (Primavera, Challenger) Approx 45 km to Adelaide 73 km/h (Adjusted 40 km to Adelaide)
13 Western Sydney Australia (Unlimited, Challenger) Approx 105 km to Adelaide 71 km/h (Adjusted 95 km to Adelaide)
17 NWU South Africa (Sirius X25, Challenger) Approx 136 km to Adelaide 70 km/h (Adjusted 132 km to Adelaide)
77 Blue Sky Canada (Horizon, Challenger) Approx 166 km to Adelaide 70 km/h (Adjusted 158 km to Adelaide)
14 UKZN South Africa (Hulamin, Challenger) Approx 182 km to Adelaide 69 km/h (Adjusted 179 km to Adelaide)
88 Kogakuin Japan (OWL, Cruiser) Approx 215 km to Adelaide 69 km/h (Adjusted 215 km to Adelaide)
40 Eindhoven Netherlands (Stella Lux, Cruiser) Approx 242 km to Adelaide 68 km/h (Adjusted 242 km to Adelaide)
25 Goko Japan (Musoushin, Challenger) Approx 305 km to Adelaide 66 km/h (Adjusted 295 km to Adelaide)
12 Cambridge United Kingdom (Evolution, Challenger) Approx 303 km to Adelaide 66 km/h (Trailered)
47 Nagoya Japan (Horizon Z, Challenger) Approx 316 km to Adelaide 65 km/h (Adjusted 315 km to Adelaide)
46 JU Sweden (Solbritt, Challenger) Approx 353 km to Adelaide 64 km/h (Adjusted 344 km to Adelaide)
11 Bochum Germany (SunRiser, Cruiser) Approx 428 km to Adelaide 62 km/h (Adjusted 428 km to Adelaide)
80 Beijing China (Sunshuttle II, Challenger) Approx 439 km to Adelaide 62 km/h (Trailered)
33 HK IVE Hong Kong (Sophie V, Cruiser) Approx 456 km to Adelaide 64 km/h (Trailered)
18 EcoPhoton Malaysia (Stingray, Challenger) Approx 473 km to Adelaide 61 km/h (Trailered)
9 Adelaide Australia (Lumen, Challenger) Approx 486 km to Adelaide 61 km/h (Trailered)
75 Sunswift Australia (eVe, Cruiser) Approx 527 km to Adelaide 60 km/h (Adjusted 527 km to Adelaide)
28 Singapore Singapore (SunSPEC4, Cruiser) Approx 546 km to Adelaide 60 km/h (Trailered)
32 Principia USA (Ra 9, Challenger) Approx 562 km to Adelaide 59 km/h (Adjusted 555 km to Adelaide)
45 Lodz Poland (Eagle One, Cruiser) Approx 566 km to Adelaide 59 km/h (Trailered)
51 Kanazawa Japan (Golden Eagle 5.1, Challenger) Approx 596 km to Adelaide 58 km/h (Adjusted 590 km to Adelaide)
38 Tehran Iran (Persian Gazelle III, Cruiser) Approx 590 km to Adelaide 59 km/h (Trailered)
34 Liberty USA (Solis Bellator, Adventure) Approx 590 km to Adelaide 60 km/h (Trailered)
36 Anadolu Turkey (Sunatolia 2, Challenger) Approx 675 km to Adelaide 56 km/h (Adjusted 667 km to Adelaide)
35 Minnesota USA (Eos, Cruiser) Approx 668 km to Adelaide 56 km/h (Adjusted 668 km to Adelaide)
7 MIT USA (Arcturus, Challenger) Approx 715 km to Adelaide 55 km/h (Trailered)
82 KUST Korea (Baek-Ho, Challenger) Approx 783 km to Adelaide 53 km/h (Adjusted 779 km to Adelaide)
31 ITS Indonesia (Widya Wahana V, Cruiser) Approx 801 km to Adelaide 53 km/h (Trailered)
15 Solaris Turkey (DesTech Solaris, Challenger) Approx 828 km to Adelaide 52 km/h (Trailered)
20 Houston USA (Sundancer, Adventure) Approx 834 km to Adelaide 52 km/h (Adjusted 834 km to Adelaide)
26 Durham United Kingdom (DUSC2015, Challenger) Approx 860 km to Adelaide 51 km/h (Trailered)
43 Ardingly United Kingdom (Ardingly Solar Car, Cruiser) Approx 1523 km to Adelaide 0 km/h (Trailered)


6 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Day 6, morning

  1. Now the cruiser class comes in they have one more challenge, judging on practicality and getting points for that.
    On one hand i find the speed for the cruiser class really good, on the other side a development of a duct under the car which should be a good replacement off a current car is not my point off view off the road to take of the cruiser class.
    Even being Dutch, the Bochum car is the development i would like to see for the cruiser class (more a resemblance of a car). Hope the WSC changes the rules for 2017 in favour for that.
    Cruiser class should really be a practical car so inner space (people and luggage), visibility (and so on) could count for more of the points. So WSC define that points more in 2017.
    Haven’t been in one off the seats of Kogakuin KGU3 or TU/e Stella Lux but i can’t think i would be sitting comfortable.
    Yes i know it is a race, but Cruiser class developing into another speed class doesn’t convince mainstream solar cars could be the future.

    • You are correct about the rules, and I’m fairly sure that Eindhoven will win after practicality judging is done.

      I don’t think Stella’s small duct interferes with comfort. As you can see here, it’s designed as an armrest/table combination. On the other hand, Kogakuin’s car looks very uncomfortable inside, because of that large duct. The WSC dropped the impact of practicality from 2013 to 2015 – I think that was a mistake.

      • Hopefully i can see Stella Lux in the near future (living only 80 km from Eindhoven), and TU/e is doing some great research (starter

        KGU3 is (i assume from foto’s) really annoing oncomfortable small, Stella Lux is uncomfortable small. Still didn’t found any interior foto’s from the Sunriser (not much effort done)

        Is WSC reading this πŸ˜‰

  2. Hy Tony,
    Just seen it live and even got a ride on the strip (High Tech Campus, Eindhoven).
    Somehow i can’t seem to (s)wipe the smile of my face πŸ™‚

    And for a small trip it is Comfortable, probable my age counts also as a factor

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