World Solar Challenge: Afternoon, Day 3

Here are the World Solar Challenge GPS positions as at 14:35 Tuesday October 20 (Darwin time) – Day 3 of the race.

Calculated road distances below are approximate, based on interpolation between the known road distances to control stops. The second road distance shown (in grey) is adjusted to compensate for GPS delays. The top five teams are Twente (21), Nuon (3), Michigan (2), Tokai (10), and Punch (8), in that order. They are closing in on Marla (which is not a control stop). In the Cruiser class, Kogakuin (88) is 44 minutes ahead of Eindhoven (40), which probably puts them in the lead, even taking Eindhoven’s passenger into account. Per the regulations, “Cruiser Class and Adventure Class will be timed in two stages: Darwin to Alice Springs, and Alice Springs to Adelaide.” They are therefore stopping there for the night.

Blogger MostDece has posted a photo of the Alice Springs board. There are also Twitter pictures of Eindhoven, Blue Sky, EAFIT, and Goko High School arriving at Alice, and a plethora of wonderful photographs from the Zero to Darwin Project. See the tracker page, timing board, and social media for continued updates.

It is worth noting that there are now effectively two races going on – call them A and B. The A race is decided on time (or, for the Cruiser class, points). The B race is for cars that have been trailered, and is decided on number of kilometres travelled under solar power. We are now seeing several cars in the B race, but it’s hard to tell which of those are ahead of the others [update: Lodz (45) and HK IVE (33) have also trailered, but Stanford (16) has not]. At the end of the event, the A cars will all score ahead of the B cars (in 2013, the top B Challenger scored 11th overall). Note also that the Barrow Creek control stop closes at 16:00 today.

21 Twente Netherlands (Red One, Challenger) Approx 1933 km from Darwin 92 km/h (Adjusted 1937 km from Darwin)
3 Nuon Netherlands (Nuna8, Challenger) 2 km behind Twente 92 km/h (1 km behind Twente)
2 Michigan USA (Aurum, Challenger) 31 km behind Twente 91 km/h (26 km behind Twente)
10 Tokai Japan (Tokai Challenger, Challenger) 66 km behind Twente 89 km/h (63 km behind Twente)
8 Punch Belgium (Punch One, Challenger) 131 km behind Twente 86 km/h (121 km behind Twente)
16 Stanford USA (Arctan, Challenger) 166 km behind Twente 84 km/h
23 Kecskemét Hungary (MegaLux, Challenger) 169 km behind Twente 82 km/h (172 km behind Twente)
30 Arrow Australia (Arrow1-GT, Challenger) 253 km behind Twente 78 km/h (253 km behind Twente)
5 EAFIT Colombia (Primavera, Challenger) 341 km behind Twente 74 km/h (339 km behind Twente)
13 Western Sydney Australia (Unlimited, Challenger) 363 km behind Twente 73 km/h (359 km behind Twente)
77 Blue Sky Canada (Horizon, Challenger) 424 km behind Twente 70 km/h (422 km behind Twente)
43 Ardingly United Kingdom (Ardingly Solar Car, Cruiser) 426 km behind Twente 70 km/h (Trailered)
14 UKZN South Africa (Hulamin, Challenger) 431 km behind Twente 70 km/h (430 km behind Twente)
40 Eindhoven Netherlands (Stella Lux, Cruiser) 434 km behind Twente 75 km/h (438 km behind Twente)
17 NWU South Africa (Sirius X25, Challenger) 437 km behind Twente 70 km/h (Trailered)
88 Kogakuin Japan (OWL, Cruiser) 437 km behind Twente 79 km/h (440 km behind Twente)
18 EcoPhoton Malaysia (Stingray, Challenger) 437 km behind Twente 70 km/h (Trailered)
25 Goko Japan (Musoushin, Challenger) 473 km behind Twente 67 km/h (467 km behind Twente)
46 JU Sweden (Solbritt, Challenger) 506 km behind Twente 65 km/h (504 km behind Twente)
47 Nagoya Japan (Horizon Z, Challenger) 515 km behind Twente 64 km/h (518 km behind Twente)
45 Lodz Poland (Eagle One, Cruiser) 553 km behind Twente 63 km/h (556 km behind Twente)
11 Bochum Germany (SunRiser, Cruiser) 554 km behind Twente 63 km/h (557 km behind Twente)
33 HK IVE Hong Kong (Sophie V, Cruiser) 602 km behind Twente 61 km/h (605 km behind Twente)
35 Minnesota USA (Eos, Cruiser) 606 km behind Twente 60 km/h (609 km behind Twente)
51 Kanazawa Japan (Golden Eagle 5.1, Challenger) 618 km behind Twente 60 km/h (621 km behind Twente)
75 Sunswift Australia (eVe, Cruiser) 639 km behind Twente 59 km/h (642 km behind Twente)
12 Cambridge United Kingdom (Evolution, Challenger) 643 km behind Twente 58 km/h (Trailered)
32 Principia USA (Ra 9, Challenger) 659 km behind Twente 58 km/h (652 km behind Twente)
36 Anadolu Turkey (Sunatolia 2, Challenger) 696 km behind Twente 56 km/h (695 km behind Twente)
38 Tehran Iran (Persian Gazelle III, Cruiser) 722 km behind Twente 54 km/h (Trailered)
82 KUST Korea (Baek-Ho, Challenger) 722 km behind Twente 54 km/h (726 km behind Twente)
28 Singapore Singapore (SunSPEC4, Cruiser) 722 km behind Twente 54 km/h (Trailered)
9 Adelaide Australia (Lumen, Challenger) 722 km behind Twente 54 km/h (726 km behind Twente)
34 Liberty USA (Solis Bellator, Adventure) 805 km behind Twente 50 km/h (Trailered)
26 Durham United Kingdom (DUSC2015, Challenger) 808 km behind Twente 51 km/h (Trailered)
15 Solaris Turkey (DesTech Solaris, Challenger) 891 km behind Twente 46 km/h (Trailered)
7 MIT USA (Arcturus, Challenger) 918 km behind Twente 45 km/h (921 km behind Twente)
20 Houston USA (Sundancer, Adventure) 923 km behind Twente 45 km/h (927 km behind Twente)
80 Beijing China (Sunshuttle II, Challenger) 942 km behind Twente 44 km/h (937 km behind Twente)
31 ITS Indonesia (Widya Wahana V, Cruiser) 997 km behind Twente 43 km/h (Trailered)

10 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Afternoon, Day 3

  1. Note that Stanford has not trailered, that’s been fixed on WSC’s site. The timing board is having some weirdness.

  2. Thanks again for the updates. With the A and B races going on I wonder if WSC has to revise their setup to keep more cars in the A race; this is making it harder for everyone.
    Very surprising that Stanford is in the B race now; did they encounter serious trouble that forced them to do this? Goko highschool is indeed doing excellent, kudos to that team!
    Not sure about all the fuzz of that EHV world record, they had better concentrate on actually beating Kokaguin.

    • Remember that in 2013 the “A” race was less than half the Challengers and only 4 Cruisers. Stanford however, is still “A” — the official timing board was wrong. And yes, Goko is going to win my “best high school” award!

  3. From the Zero to Darwin pics it looks like Tokai had encountered some trouble with a wheel today; maybe a flat tyre but also damage to the internal wheel cover. Has there been any other news on that?
    I hope the time penalty issues will be solved asap as it would be very disappointing to have the race results changed after the top 5 have finished, especially with teams competing so closely.

    • And because of that delay to Tokai, Punch is not far behind them. AFAIK Punch served the penalty in Kulgera; if they win the appeal they will move up 1 hour.

      I haven’t followed Tokai too closely — with the FB feeds to monitor, and the Twitter feeds, and the data feeds, and writing new analysis tools, and the need to patch my software to cope with odd things (like a spare GPS tracker being turned on in Adelaide and immediately coming up as “race leader” in my software) — with all that I’ve been a little too busy to translate Japanese stuff.

  4. Just a quick note Tony, I think that maybe you meant “Tennant Creek” closed today! According to the route notes Barrow Creek closes tomorrow afternoon.

    Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job!

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