World Solar Challenge: last day in Darwin

Solar cars lining up at Hidden Valley Raceway (photo: TU Eindhoven / Bart van Overbeeke). As best as I can tell, the cars here are, in sequence, Twente (21), Adelaide (9), Bochum (11), Eindhoven (40), WSU (13), Principia (32), Tokai (10), Michigan (2), Lodz (45), Singapore (28), Kogakuin (88), UKZN (14), TAFE SA (42), unidentified car, MIT (7), Kecskemét (23), JU (46), Siam (22), HK IVE (33), Goko (25), Anadolu (36), Beijing (80), Ardingly (43), Tehran (38), Kanazawa (51), Liberty (34), Houston (20), Stanford (16), Nagoya (47), Blue Sky (77), ITS (31), and Cambridge (12).


World Solar Challenge: qualifications

Michigan’s Aurum does its lap in 1:59.3550 (photo: Ian Larson)

Qualification laps for the 2015 World Solar Challenge were run today. The chart below shows the lap speeds, colour-coded by class (data from here). It seemed appropriate to make the colours in the chart those of the Australian outback (taken from one of the wonderful past photographs by Team Nuon). Four teams (Siam, Durham, RVCE, and Sunswift) ran into problems on the track, with Sunswift blowing a tire, and Durham stalling [update: see MostDece’s blog for details on what happened]. Eindhoven starts the race in pole position tomorrow!

Median speeds are 54.1 km/h for the Adventure class, 73.5 km/h for the Cruiser class, and 74.8 km/h for the Challenger class.