World Solar Challenge: Scrutineering update

Summary of static scrutineering results so far –  green : passed,  orange : asked to re-present,  grey : not yet decided

Here is the updated current status for World Solar Challenge teams, not including teams that have withdrawn from the race (Intikallpa #4, PI #6, ITU #24, and KL Uni #37). The PASS icon marks teams that have passed static scrutineering (20 teams, so far), the FAIL icon marks teams that have failed (no teams), and the ? icon marks teams that have been asked to re-present (10 teams). Data is taken from the WSC website, from photographs of the status board (thanks, guys!), from tweets (thanks again!), and from team self-reports. Some of the teams that have passed have nevertheless attracted a time penalty (e.g. 10 minutes for Team 9). For scrutineering categories, see the bottom of the page.

Cruiser class – 11 teams

Challenger class – 29 teams

Adventure class – 3 teams

Scrutineering Categories

  • Registration
  • Decals
  • Measurement – and comparison to limits specified in the Regulations
  • Ballast – if the mass of a driver or passenger is less than 80 kg, ballast is provided to make up the difference
  • Mechanical 1, 2, and 3 – including seats, tyres, brakes, and steering
  • Electrical
  • Battery
  • Motor Vehicle Registry
  • GPS Trackers
  • Support Vehicles
  • UHV Channel Allocation
  • Satellite Phone Number


2 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Scrutineering update

  1. Thanks for all the effort, I enjoy reading your blog updates on the WSC.

    But it would be helpful if you could present the results in a tabular format. This is very cluttered.

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