World Solar Challenge: Coming together at Hidden Valley

Cars 15 and 9 testing on the track at Hidden Valley Raceway (photo: Team Solaris)

Things are moving quickly in the lead-up to the World Solar Challenge, so here (updating MostDece’s last post) is the current team status as I understand it to be, not including teams that have withdrawn from the race (PI #6 and KL Uni #37). The icon marks teams that have at least partially arrived in Australia (all but 2 teams). Most of these are now based at Hidden Valley Raceway. Click on the social media icons for more information.

Cruiser class

Challenger class

Adventure class

The Singaporeans working on their car and picking up the rest of their team

Update: edited on 12/10 to reflect recent arrivals at Hidden Valley.

World Solar Challenge: Dark Horses

In the World Solar Challenge, there are three new Challenger class teams and two new Cruiser class teams that have fielded very good-looking vehicles. Together with the teams that have an established racing record, these five new teams might be particularly worth keeping an eye on:

9: Adelaide University (  Australia, Lumen)

This new Australian team has a very nice-looking Challenger class car.

18: MARA University of Technology / EcoPhoton (  Malaysia, Stingray)

This new Malaysian team also has an impressive-looking Challenger class car.

23: Kecskemét College Faculty of GAMF (  Hungary, MegaLux)

This Hungarian car is perhaps the pick of the dark horses in the Challenger class, and blogger MostDece thinks it may even have a shot at winning.

45: KGHM Lodz Solar Team (  Poland, Eagle One)

This new Polish team has produced a very nice-looking Cruiser class car.

88: Kogakuin University (  Japan, OWL)

Kogakuin are not new to the WSC, but they are new to the Cruiser class, and they seem to have made a huge leap forward in terms of professionalism this year. Blogger MostDece is actually calling them favourites to win, ahead of the top three teams from 2013.

So there you have it. Five dark horses which may do very well this year. Click on the symbol for detailed team profiles of these five teams, or click on the team social media icons for more information about what they are up to.