World Solar Challenge: Counting down the days

Once again, an updated calendar for the World Solar Challenge (probably the last one). Weather (from is for Darwin up until the 18th, and then for the places indicated. The long-range forecast for the last days of the race has been different every time I have checked, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

(Dates taken from the WSC regulations document; calendar generated in R using code adapted from this stackoverflow post)


4 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: Counting down the days

    • Indeed. After about 10 days or so, most predictions border on the fictional, I think.

      Of course, for Darwin during the Wet Season, “hot and rainy” is a fairly safe forecast even at very long range.

    • I wanted to throw in long-range weather, unreliable though it might be. When it gets to the race itself, I’ll look at too.

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