WSC: Magellanic Clouds

I have previously posted about the spectacular night sky in the Australian Outback. Among other things, visitors from the Northern Hemisphere (as well as Southern city folk) will be able to see our companion galaxies, the Magellanic Clouds. The Magellanic Clouds are only visible well away from city or town lights. They can be seen at the top of the wonderful photograph below (taken in Chile, credit European Southern Observatory):

World Solar Challenge: the bloggers

Apart from the coverage here at Scientific Gems, and the coverage from the teams themselves, there are several other blogs about the World Solar Challenge.

The newly created blog at is a superb resource. Although shrouded in mystery, the author is clearly a serious expert on solar car racing, and very much worth reading. See also @most_dece on Twitter.

For Japanese readers, the Zero to Darwin Project ( has good race coverage. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

On the air again after a lengthy delay, legendary website is under new management, with new corporate sponsorship. Content is a little rough around the edges so far, but we will see how they go. The site’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are active too, although it’s not quite clear who is operating them.

Another blog that may be worth looking at is by Tom Elegeert. A meteorologist attached to the Belgian team, Tom will be blogging about weather-related issues.

On the whole, it looks like WSC 2015 will be getting more online coverage than previous races, which is great!