World Solar Challenge: boxing the cars

Another quick update on World Solar Challenge teams. We are starting to see custom wooden boxes being put together, for air-freighting cars to Australia. The box above is from Houston School District (team 20).

The map below shows current team locations in Australia (icons are clickable and have mouseover explanations; green icons are Australian teams). I must confess to still being concerned about Universidad de La Serena / Antakari (team 4), R.V. College of Engineering (team 27), and University of Tehran (team 38).

Race headquarters will open in Darwin 4 weeks from today. The race itself starts on October 18.

Update: the map should actually show Nuon (team 3) as being at Uluru. In other news, Michigan (team 2) reports their car as being out of the box and on the ground. Also, Punch Powertrain (team 8) are off to Adelaide, and at least part of Solar Team Twente (team 21) is already in Darwin.

2 thoughts on “World Solar Challenge: boxing the cars

  1. Nice update, thank you for uploading. So excited, all those teams in Australia! Update from Solar Team Twente: two of our teammembers are in Darwin to prepare our accomodation and other facilities and three teammembers are finishing their trip-up from Adelaide to Darwin. Last tuesday and this thursday, the rest of the team is flying. This weekend our whole team will be ‘down under’!

    • Thanks for responding. It looks like there will be a real Dutch-Flemish party going on in Darwin! 🙂

      … and best of luck for the race!

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