World Solar Challenge: team status update

Just a quick update on the first World Solar Challenge teams to arrive in Australia. Solar Team Eindhoven (team 40) are, I understand, in Glendambo. Lead elements of Michigan (team 2) are on the ground in Adelaide. The first section of Nuon Solar Team (team 3) should be arriving in Australia very soon, while lead elements of Solar Team Twente (team 21) should be about to board, or have recently boarded, a flight to Australia.

Other teams are in the midst of preparation activities back home, although I must confess to being a little nervous about whether Universidad de La Serena / Antakari (team 4), R.V. College of Engineering (team 27), or Tehran (team 38) will make it – they have all gone a little quiet.

The map below shows current team locations. Green icons are Australian teams. Icons are clickable and have mouseover explanations (the picture and HTML image map were produced in R).

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