World Solar Challenge: Team 25

25  Goko High School (Musoushin)

Goko High School entered the Cruiser class in 2013, but their nice-looking car sadly lost its rear wheels just outside of Alice Springs. This year, their car is in the Challenger class, competing against universities from around the world. Just recently, it raced at SUZUKA 2015. Good luck, team 25!

Update 1: I am told that Goko’s car managed an average speed of around 63 km/h on the Suzuka track.

Update 2: I have updated the image at the top of this page, having been confused by the fact that Goko runs two solar cars. The car shown on the Facebook page is apparently not the one racing in Australia.

For up-to-date lists of all World Solar Challenge 2015 teams, see:


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