World Solar Challenge: Team 28

Singapore Polytechnic’s SunSPEC4

28  Singapore Polytechnic (SunSPEC4)

The team from Singapore Polytechnic has been racing solar cars for a while. They competed in the Challenger class in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, but have entered the Cruiser class this year. They have been working hard building their new car for the event, blogging extensively on the technical details of the process. They have not discussed their design philosophy, but it appears to be that of a sports car, though one quite different in appearance from Sunswift’s eVe. We will see how SunSPEC4 performs, I guess. Good luck, team 28!

Singapore Polytechnic campus (photo: Chen Siyuan)

Update: the car was damaged in a fire at Singapore Polytechnic, but they have risen again from the ashes.

For up-to-date lists of all World Solar Challenge 2015 teams, see:

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