World Solar Challenge: Team 40

40  Solar Team Eindhoven (Stella Lux)

The Dutch team from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) won the World Solar Challenge Cruiser class in 2013, travelling from Darwin to Adelaide at an average speed of 74.5 km/h, while carrying an average of 3 people. The institution’s motto is Mens agitat molem, and the students from Eindhoven did indeed use their minds to make their car move. This year, they are defending their title, having updated their previous vehicle Stella to the exciting new Stella Lux (pictures above by TU Eindhoven / Bart van Overbeeke – click to zoom; video below by Solar Team Eindhoven). IEEE Spectrum has also run an article on Stella Lux. It’s a great-looking car, both inside and out. Good luck, team 40!

For up-to-date lists of all World Solar Challenge 2015 teams, see:


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