World Solar Challenge: Team 12

12  Cambridge University (Evolution)

One of the more interesting entrants in the World Solar Challenge is Cambridge University’s teardrop-shaped Evolution, which looks very different from most of the others in the Challenger class. Cambridge’s car uses gallium arsenide solar cells (which the race rules limit to 3 m2) on a tilting plate. This plate can track the sun, giving potentially very high energy output. A transparent canopy over the plate maintains low aerodynamic drag. It will be very interesting to see how this beautiful car performs!

In 2013, Cambridge University’s earlier Resolution vehicle withdrew after a crash. However, the new vehicle is more stable on the road than Resolution, and so this year we are likely to see a fair test of Cambridge’s innovative design. Good luck, team 12!

Update: see also this interesting interview.

For up-to-date lists of all World Solar Challenge 2015 teams, see:

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