Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge Day 1: end of the day

Around 12:30, in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge, the top eight looked like this, with Michigan in 2nd, and the Belgians having moved up to 3rd:

1: PI Solar Car Team (Twitter, Facebook) – 1st across the Day 1 finish line, official time 4:28:42
2: Quantum University of Michigan (Twitter, Facebook) – 2nd, official time 4:39:25
8: Punch Powertrain Solar Team (Twitter, Facebook, blog) – 3rd, official time 4:45:25
30: Team Arrow (Twitter, Facebook) – 4th, official time 4:46:03
34: Istanbul SOCRAT (Twitter, Facebook) – 5th, official time 4:53:44
32: Principia Solar Car Team (Twitter, Facebook) – 6th, official time 5:19:55
55: Hiroshima Institute of Technology – 7th, official time 5:55:02
75: Tokai University Solar Car Team (Twitter, Facebook) – 10th, official time 7:06:13

Team Ondasolare at the finish of Day 1 (photo: solarracing.org)

Later to cross the Day 1 finish line were:

9: Team Ondasolare (Twitter) – 8th, official time 6:25:06
95: Apollo Solar Car Team (Facebook) – 9th, official time 6:49:51
15: ZHAW Solar Energy Racers (Facebook) – 11th, official time 7:07:04
256: Oregon State University (Twitter, Facebook) – 12th, official time 7:18:08

Not yet finished as at the time of this post were:

17: Illinois State University (Facebook) – 14th, official time 10:56:24
29: Eco Solar Breizh (Twitter, Facebook) – 13th, official time 9:45:00
90: Team Okinawa Solar Car Project (Twitter, Facebook) – did not race today, official time 19:08:06

Several of the trailing cars seem to have had their GPS trackers die, so it is unclear where 17 and 29 are right now (update: @SolarRacing_org reports that 17 and 29 are, sadly, trailering in – see also his end-of-day report).

Update: official end-of-day timings added in grey


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