Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge (ADSC) Day 1

Live tracking allows fans from across the world to follow the cars in the 2015 Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge (it is necessary to search the map by team number). Running cars are green, stopped cars are blue. The route map is here. Moments ago, this was the state of play, heading towards UAE University (click to zoom):

Cars in the race are as follows (roughly in order). The home team leads:

1: PI Solar Car Team (Facebook)
30: Team Arrow (Facebook)
34: Istanbul SOCRAT (Facebook)
2: Quantum University of Michigan (Facebook)
8: Punch Powertrain Solar Team (Facebook)
32: Principia Solar Car Team (Facebook)
55: Hiroshima Institute of Technology
75: Tokai University Solar Car Team (Facebook)
15: ZHAW Solar Energy Racers (Facebook)
95: Apollo Solar Car Team (Facebook)
9: Team Ondasolare
17: Illinois State University (Facebook)
256: Oregon State University (Facebook)
29: Eco Solar Breizh (Facebook)
90: Team Okinawa Solar Car Project (Facebook) – not racing today

This map shows where the various teams hail from:

For race updates, see the solarracing.org website or the plethora of excellent tweeted photographs from @SolarRacing_org (such as the one below).

Update: cars at the UAE University control stop (photo: solarracing.org)


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