In praise of Vaccinium

Vaccinium is a genus containing several hundred berry-producing species, including cranberries (V. erythrocarpum, V. macrocarpon, V. microcarpum, and V. oxycoccos), bilberrries (V. myrtillus and other species), and a large collection of (tasty) species known as blueberries.

Maturing blueberries of the species V. corymbosum (northern highbush blueberry, also known as the “swamp huckleberry”).

Plants of the genus typically grow in acidic soils, such as bogs and certain woodland areas. There is a long tradition of people eating the berries.

Bog bilberries, V. uliginosum.

Some blueberry species have been transferred from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere. The northern highbush blueberry, for example, is grown in south-east Australia. However, other members of the genus (like the farkleberry) have failed to gain worldwide popularity.

Cowberries, V. vitis-idaea.


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