My favourite bookshops

I ♥ science books!

Even in the age of the Internet, there’s nothing like browsing real books. Here are some of my favourite bookshops in Australia for science books. All of them are worth a visit:

Abbey’s Bookshop, Sydney

Abbey’s Bookshop, in Sydney, is an excellent bookshop, with the entire back wall being devoted to science and mathematics.

Books Kinokuniya, Sydney (photo by “Jason7825”)

Books Kinokuniya, just a short distance from Abbey’s (in The Galeries Victoria), also has a good science collection.

Boffins Bookshop, Perth (photo by Boffins Bookshop)

Boffins Bookshop, in Perth, specialises in technical subjects, including science and mathematics.

The Book Grocer’s branch in Albury, New South Wales

The Book Grocer, in multiple Melbourne locations and elsewhere around Australia (including Canberra), is an excellent discount book chain. All books are $10 or less. The Book Grocer usually carries a range of interesting mathematics and science books.

ANU Co-op Bookshop, Canberra (photo by “Nick D”)

In addition to the bookshops listed, bookshops in major universities (such as branches of the Co-op) can be counted on to carry interesting stock in the areas of science and mathematics. Clouston and Hall Academic Remainders, in Canberra (not pictured), offer a range of interesting books at a discount, and a number of other bookshops, such as Readings and Reader’s Feast in Melbourne, also carry a reasonable stock of science and mathematics books.

So why not celebrate National Science Week by reading a book about science?

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