The Queen’s Birthday honours list for Australia


The Queen’s Birthday honours list for Australia is out. Appointments of scientists to the Order of Australia include (among others):

  • Dr Megan Clark, AC – “For eminent service to scientific research and development through fostering innovation, to science administration through strategic leadership roles, and to the development of public policy for technological sciences.”
  • Professor Marc Feldmann, AC, FAA – “For eminent service to medicine and to public health as an acclaimed researcher in the field of chronic immune disease, and through the development of innovative treatment therapies.”
  • Professor Richard Gibbs, AC – “For eminent service to science and academic medicine as a leading researcher, author and scholar, particularly in the field of genetics and human genome sequencing, and as a mentor of emerging scientists.”
  • Dr Ian Allison, AO, AAM – “For distinguished service to the environment as a glaciologist, to furthering international understanding of the science of the Antarctic region, and to climate research.”
  • Professor Nicholas Hoogenraad, AO – “For distinguished service to science education and technological development, particularly in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology.”
  • Professor Philip Lake, AO – “For distinguished service to conservation and the environment as an ecologist and freshwater scientist, and to research and professional organisations.”
  • Professor Barry Ninham, AO – “For distinguished service to physical sciences through landmark theoretical and practical advances in colloids and surfaces, and as an academic, educator and mentor.”
  • Professor Ian Ritchie, AO – “For distinguished service to science in the field of chemistry and hydrometallurgy, as an academic and educator, and to fostering technical innovation in business and industry.”

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