5 thoughts on “Running NetLogo from R: a tutorial

  1. Thanks for the first part, but I seriously doubt the last two sentences of your post. If the parameter sweep would be smooth enough to use “optim” then you probably didn’t need to use ABM in the first place.

    • Well, “optim” has worked well for me: some of the options on “optim” don’t actually require a smooth fitness landscape. It works even better if you can rule out some regions of the parameter space ahead of time. However, given the stochasticity of an ABM, “optim” does require doing several runs at each parameter combination, in order to reduce the noise on the result. That slows things down, although parallelism can really help with that.

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  3. Thanks, Tony, for your tutorial which proves very helpful to me.
    Unfortunately though, I’m not able to fully retrace your commands. Apparently, the Life.nlogo model from the model library has been altered, so that the R commands that refer to the NetLogo model don’t work (e.g. there is no reporter called “history” in the model anymore). Could you please upload the model that you worked with or post a link to it?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Sorry about that. I was not actually using Life.nlogo from the model library, but a simplified version of this model (with, if I recall correctly, “setup-life” named to “setup”, and “average-life-density” renamed to “average-density”).

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