Kitchen chemistry: three books

My recent series of kitchen chemistry posts has included:

  1. A new post series (Introduction)
  2. Aerosols and explosions
  3. Burning propane
  4. Ethylene and ripening fruit
  5. Melting and boiling
  6. Carbohydrates and metabolism
  7. Metabolism and fermentation

As a brief change of pace, here are three books that might interest parents teaching children about science (links go to my reviews):

Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel Carson – a classic of nature-writing, written in 1941

The Elements by Theodore Gray – a beautifully illustrated picture-book on the elements, and a must-have reference

The Field Guide to Natural Phenomena [Wonders] by Keith Heidorn and Ian Whitelaw – a great book to keep in the family vehicle

More kitchen chemistry posts in a week or so…

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