10 thoughts on “The R extension for NetLogo: a tutorial

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  4. I am trying to develop a model of wolf using Netlogo and GIS. I dont have computer programing background. Can you help pleaase

  5. Hi. I followed the installation procedures for netlogo (I’m a noob) but I use R extensively. I downloaded the R_extension_demo but when I try to run the model R_extension_demo, there are no error messages but also nothing else is showing up. I can run other models but just not this one. Can you help please? Thanks

    • It should work (I just got it going again with my latest versions of NetLogo and R), but you need to to:

      (1) install NetLogo

      (2) install the R extension to NetLogo as per http://r-ext.sourceforge.net/

      (3) install the rJava package in R

      (4) make sure that the jri folder inside the rJava folder contains the files JRIEngine.jar and REngine.jar as described above.

      It is a real headache to get it to work: that’s partly why I wrote the demo.

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