The South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum exterior

The South Australian Museum in Adelaide is one of the best museums I’ve seen in cities with populations under 1,500,000. It holds its own against London and Washington in terms of quality (if not quantity), so I enjoyed my recent visit very much. And it’s free!

Part of the mineral collection

The strength of the museum lies in the large anthropological collection (Australian Aboriginal and Pacific Islander) and in well-curated mineral and biodiversity collections.

An interesting touch is the life-size model of a giant squid, mounted vertically in a four-storey-high shaft, as part of a deep-sea-ecosystem display.

Antarctic penguin from Mawson exhibition, seagrass display, and waterhole exhibit

As with the equally good art gallery next door, I can strongly recommend this museum to anyone visiting Adelaide (allow several hours). Some of the collection can also be seen in the online Atlas of Living Australia, as the result of ongoing digitisation projects.

Pacific Cultures Gallery

All photos in this blog post were taken by me during a visit to the Museum in December 2013.


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