MODSIM draft program released

The 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2013), run by the Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand, will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide, South Australia, from Sunday 1 to Friday 6 December 2013, in conjunction with the 22nd National Conference of the Australian Operations Research Society (ASOR 2013). Registration closes November 15th.

See for more details, including the draft program, which has just been released. It promises to be a great event, with hundreds of talks on applied mathematics, biology, climate, defence, ecology, economics, engineering, environmental issues, epidemiology, health, homeland security, urban infrastructure, water resources, weather, and more!

Conference venue (click for photo credit)

Frequently-occurring keywords in the program include: agent-based, agricultural, analysis, application, assess, Australia, Bayesian, bushfire, catchment, change, climate, control, data, decision, Defence, design, dynamic, ecosystem, energy, environment, estimate, evaluate, fire, flood, flow, forecast, framework, future, groundwater, health, hydrological, impact, information, integrated, land, management, method, model, natural, network, performance, plan, predict, quality, rainfall, reef, regional, research, resource, risk, river, scheduling, science, sensitivity, simulation, soil, spatial, statistical, support, surface, system, uncertainty, urban, water, weather.

The beach is just a tram-ride away

Plenary speakers at MODSIM 2013 include (among others), Graeme Dandy (Uni. of Adelaide), Hedwig van Delden (RIKS, the Netherlands), Jerzy Filar (Flinders Uni.), Maja Schlüter (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Paul Whitehead (Oxford), and Alex Zelinsky (Australia’s Chief Defence Scientist).

Adelaide is known as the “City of Churches”


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