WSC 2013: Results (2)

Further to my post on the World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class results, these results were calculated using a four-part formula defined officially as follows:

This means that the final result is the sum of four components, and I have illustrated these in the bar chart below (which has been updated from the chart posted earlier, based on the official results). The final scores (on the left) are, for each colour, the sum of the other four bars:

Solar Team Eindhoven and “Stella” have won the Cruiser Class, ahead of Bochum’s PowerCore SunCruiser – by getting to Adelaide first and carrying more people. The Australian car Sunswift eVe came third, and the University of Minnesota fourth. Congratulations again!

Here is Eindhoven’s (very happy) update for today:

WSC 2013: Results (1)

I have updated my race chart from Friday with final results, so click the link to see that. Meanwhile, on Saturday we had the practicality tests for the Cruiser Class:

These scores feed into a four-part formula for calculating the winner of the Cruiser Class, defined officially as follows:

The values of the four components have not yet been released, but Solar Team Eindhoven and “Stella” have won the Cruiser Class, followed by Bochum’s PowerCore SunCruiser. Congratulations!

Here is Eindhoven’s update from yesterday (before the results were known):