WSC 2013: Wednesday night (3)

Based on the World Solar Challenge race graph I just posted, I’m estimating the following finish times tomorrow (with other cars arriving Friday):

  • Nuon: 10:00 (11:00 Adelaide time)
  • Tokai: 10:30 (11:30 Adelaide time)
  • Twente: 13:30 (14:30 Adelaide time)
  • Stanford: 13:30 (14:30 Adelaide time)
  • Punch Powertrain/KU Leuven: 15:30 (16:30 Adelaide time)

Third place will be a battle! Getting to the official finish line in the middle of the city will take extra time, and of course anything might still happen on the road.

Solar Team Twente have again uploaded a beautifully shot (Dutch) daily recap, which shows (among other things) the wind and the gathering clouds today:

WSC 2013: Wednesday night (2)

Based on the official WSC timing data for the World Solar Challenge, I’ve put together some new distance/time graphs. This time, the vertical axis shows the number of hours that cars are running behind an 85 km/h baseline speed. This baseline speed includes wait time at checkpoints (the driving speed is, of course, much faster) and corresponds to completing the race in almost exactly 4 days.

The first graph (click to zoom) shows the top 12 cars in the Challenger Class. Nuon is leading (at pretty much baseline speed now), followed by Tokai, Twente, Stanford, and Punch Powertrain, all of whom have made it at least as far as Glendambo, South Australia. Team Arrow, Blue Sky, Onda, and UWS are trailing behind, but still in the race. The graph shows the various twists and turns of the race fairly well.

In fact, there are now three races in the Challenger Class: the race for first place, the race for third place, and the race to make it to the finish line at all.

The second graph (click to zoom) is for the Cruiser and Adventure Class cars. Sunswift have overtaken Bochum, while Eindhoven have fallen behind, partly because they have been racking up points by carrying four people. I understand that Minnesota and (in the Adventure class) Aurora are still in the race, but I’m uncertain of their precise status.

WSC 2013: Wednesday night (1)

Tonight the leading Challenger Class cars in the World Solar Challenge are strung out along the road south of Coober Pedy en route to the stopwatch which marks the Finish of Timing at Angle Vale (from then on, speed is unimportant, and contestants simply have to reach the finish line). The order is: Nuon, Tokai, Twente, Stanford, Punch Powertrain, and Team Arrow (click on the map to go to the GPS tracker). Sadly, the University of Michigan team have reported a crash at Coober Pedy, caused by high winds, and Solar Energy Racers (15 on the map) are apparently also trailered. Tomorrow, the race leaders will have rain to contend with as well.

Jeroen Haringman at will also be posting his regular end-of-day recap soon, and I intend to do some more graphs when timing data is available.

WSC 2013: Day 4

Teams in the World Solar Challenge are battling dust and wind, but the leaders have passed Coober Pedy, en route to Adelaide, as shown by the WSC GPS tracker map. This WSC Twitter photo (click to zoom) shows the Tokai team (still in 2nd place, about 25 min behind Nuon) at Coober Pedy:

This Nuon Flickr photo by Jorrit Lousberg (click to zoom) shows Nuon’s car Nuna7 on the road yesterday:

The Nobel Higgs

François Englert and Peter Higgs have received the Nobel Prize for the prediction of the now-discovered Higgs boson. The 3D event view below (from the Compact Muon Solenoid team) is an example of the teamwork by many, many people that led to this award. It’s perhaps unfortunate that the Nobel can’t also go to the discovery teams.

Read more at Wired.