WSC 2013: Monday night (3)

Based on the official WSC timing data for teams which have reached Tennant Creek (988 km from Darwin), the chart below (click to zoom) shows my estimates of speeds for the various World Solar Challenge teams (coloured by class). The three leaders have in fact made it to Ti Tree (1302 km from Darwin). Eleven teams have been forced to trailer their vehicles, and several other teams do not have recorded arrival times. A penalty for speeding is included in the results.

My predictions for final Cruiser Class scores, based on these speeds, is: Eindhoven 5.6 [Edit: since 5.3 is the maximum possible score, I think I meant 5.3 here], Bochum 5.1, Sunswift 5.0.

Weather forecasts for the next few days are not entirely good news:

  • Alice Springs (Tuesday): Sunny, 13–39
  • Coober Pedy (Wednesday): Afternoon dust and windy, 22–40
  • Adelaide (Thursday): Shower or two, 16–21

Update 1: Jeroen Haringman at has posted a revised end-of-day recap.

Update 2: Unlike the other classes, the Cruiser Class is timed in 4 stages (1: Darwin to Tennant Creek, 2: Tennant Creek to Alice Springs, 3: Alice Springs to Coober Pedy, and 4: Coober Pedy to Adelaide) with some trailering to the end of a stage apparently allowed (if I am understanding the rules correctly). That seems to mean that the five Cruiser Class cars that didn’t make Tennant Creek (University of Minnesota, Apollo Solar Car Team, University of Calgary, Goko High School, and TAFE SA) are all still in the race starting tomorrow (although Eindhoven, Bochum, and Sunswift will be hard to beat).

WSC 2013: Monday night (2)

This WSC photo shows the end-of-day marker for the Tokai University entry, earlier this evening:

Solar Team Twente have uploaded a beautifully shot day 2 recap (narrated in Dutch):

Solar Team Eindhoven also have a (Dutch) update, explaining how they’re taking their “family car” camping:

The official daily report is here:

WSC 2013: Monday night (1)

Tonight the cars in the World Solar Challenge are camped out along the road to Alice Springs. The two leading Cruiser Class cars seem to be camped in Tennant Creek. The University of Waikato team (41 on the map) has sadly had to withdraw from the race, and is being trailered to Adelaide.

Jeroen Haringman at has posted a good end-of-day recap.

WSC 2013: On towards Alice

As the World Solar Challenge contestants head towards Alice Springs, Nuon (3 on the map below), Tokai, and Twente lead the Challenger Class, with Nuon departing Tennant Creek (980 km out of 3,000) at 12:35.

Eindhoven, Bochum, and Sunswift lead the Cruiser Class. The map below shows the situation at noon today (Darwin time), with cars strung out along the entire route. The University of Waikato team (41 on the map) has sadly had to withdraw from the race.

Update: the three race leaders have now passed through the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve:

WSC 2013: More Video

Solar Team Eindhoven have uploaded this end-of-day-1 update for the race (in Dutch):

Solar Team Twente have also uploaded an update (in Dutch), with some beautiful along-the-road footage:

The official race update is here, including some interviews at the Katherine checkpoint: