WSC 2013: Video

The race video below was taken this morning by Alan Marshall, in the southern outskirts of Darwin (Solar Team Eindhoven are visible at 2:15):

WSC 2013: South from Katherine

Heading south from the town of Katherine (300 km out of 3,000) towards Elsey National Park, the Dutch Solar Team Twente leads the Nuon team and Tokai University in the World Solar Challenge Challenger Class. In the Cruiser Class, Solar Team Eindhoven are just ahead of Hochschule Bochum. In the Adventure Class, the Choctaw High School team are second, which is not bad at all:

Update: Nuon seems to have overtaken Twente towards the end of the day, with Nuon being first to Dunmarra, 630km south of Darwin.

WSC 2013: Dutch continue to dominate

Heading into the town of Katherine (300 km out of 3,000), the Dutch Nuon team briefly took over the lead in the World Solar Challenge Challenger Class, although Solar Team Twente was the first car into the Katherine checkpoint, according to the live tweets.

In the Cruiser Class, Solar Team Eindhoven have the lead, according to the WSC car tracker (they are also racking up bonus points by carrying passengers):

WSC 2013 starts this morning!

The World Solar Challenge is due to begin in a few hours (8:30 AM Australian Central Standard Time), as cars begin their run down the Stuart Highway. The forecast is for sunny weather, 24–34°C. Good luck to all, and hope you all make it to Adelaide for the 10–13 October finish!

Teams from Australia, Japan, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Turkey, Switzerland, Indonesia, Italy, China, Sweden, Colombia, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Chile will be competing. The WSC website has a car tracker to show how far the teams have gone.

An entry (Tushka Hashi) reminiscent of the classic 1996 film Race the Sun comes from Choctaw Central High School in Mississippi. Special good wishes to the young people on that team!