WSC 2013 Flickr highlights

Several of the World Solar Challenge teams have uploaded photos to Flickr. Examples include Sunswift eVe, #4 in the Cruiser Class, from the UNSW Solar Racing Team (photo: Neerav Bhatt):

The EAFIT team, #19 in the Challenger Class, from Columbia (photo: Universidad EAFIT):

The Nuon team, #13 in the Challenger Class, from the Netherlands (photo: Nuon):

Nuon again, during the qualifying trials (photo: Jorrit Lousberg):

Best of luck to these teams, and to the other 37!

World Solar Challenge 2013

The World Solar Challenge is on again, beginning this Sunday. Three thousand kilometres across the Australian desert, from north to south. Forecasts for the next few days indicate sunny weather for the Northern Territory, and 24–34°C (75–93°F). Closer to the centre of the country, we may see temperatures over 40°C (104°F).

A total of 40 teams from 23 countries will take part. Tokai Challenger (photo below by Kohei Sagawa and Hideki Kimura) won the last two events, in 2009 and 2011 (averaging 91.54 km/h in 2011). Can they win again?

The new Cruiser Class is also interesting. Results there will tell us something about when we can expect to see road-registered solar vehicles for sale. Solar Team Eindhoven explains their entry in the YouTube clip below. Are they desert-ready?

Stay tuned to the news, or to the WSC website.

Update: Solar Team Eindhoven have pole position in the Cruiser Class. TeamArrow, from Queensland, have pole position in the Challenger Class, with the best overall lap time. The SIKAT team from DLSU in the Philippines have pole position in the Adventure Class. May the best cars win!