Remembering that bad, bad project

This brilliant parody video, from a group of students at Baylor College of Medicine, went viral two years ago. Like the superb PhD Comics, it gives an honest look at the downside of science. Classic lines include “I want good data, a paper in Cell” and “I wanna graduate in less than five years.”

Lady Gaga impersonator Mary Wiese also has more traditional scientific output, including the papers “Intracellular Trafficking and Synaptic Function of APL-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans” and “Regulation of Neuronal APL-1 Expression by Cholesterol Starvation” in PLoS One.

Lead singer Stephanie Nemir is now a resident in plastic surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Video director David Shim is still a student at Baylor, adding an M.D. to his Ph.D., and has also published papers, including “Disruption of the NF-κB/IκBα Autoinhibitory Loop Improves Cognitive Performance and Promotes Hyperexcitability of Hippocampal Neurons” in Molecular Neurodegeneration.

Thanks David, Stephanie, Mary, and everyone else for brightening the day of millions of students and postdocs. And good luck in your careers!


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